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The Indotek Group

is a group of investment management companies owned by American and Hungarian shareholders. Over two decades we have developed significant capacities and a dominant presence in our key markets, ensuring that the investments of our institutional partners, as well as of our shareholders, achieve the best possible performance. We use the assets entrusted to our care principally to purchase real estate and loans, and our portfolios place us among the most important market players in both fields in Hungary. The key to our activity is calculated risk-taking and professional risk management, which enable us to achieve outstanding returns. We are always seeking challenges – we achieve above-average financial returns by investing in situations that require special knowledge and resources to profit by. Our property investment volume is unmatched in Hungary, especially in class B and C properties, which offer excellent opportunities to create value. Our portfolio is extremely diversified geographically, functionally and in terms of quality: it includes retail, hotel, industrial, office, residential and warehouse properties, as well as land suitable for development, in both Budapest and the countryside. In 2017 we also re-entered the new-build residential market by developing several multi-storey condominiums. In NPL management we focus on corporate Non-Performing Loans (NPL) secured by real estate and the workout activity associated therewith. Together with our international partners we have acquired hundreds of millions of euros of loans from commercial banks, thus becoming a dominant player in the Hungarian market.

“Indotek Group” and “Indotek csoport” are not official terms for a certain entity (or entities) (i.e. Indotek is not considered a Corporate Group as per the Accounting Act (Act C of 2000), the Act on the Civil funds and foundations that belong to the Group are all independent incorporated entities.

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Indotek Investments Alapkezelő Zrt. engages in investment fund management, with a policy of exclusively managing closed-end funds. Its main strategy is to acquire industrial, office and retail properties selected with a view to creating value through their utilisation, restructuring or repositioning. These may be purchased in carefully chosen arms-length transactions but we also regularly acquire distressed properties in liquidation proceedings and from banks.

Bohemian Financing Zrt. is a financial undertaking responsible on the one hand for the internal liquidity management of the Group and on the other holding the licences required for purchasing loans on commercial terms and for lending. This latter service is only provided to select corporate clients, secured against real estate assets.

In-Management Kft. manages and sells the properties of the Group. Thanks to its vast portfolio, the company is regarded as a leading player in the Hungarian property management sector.

The Group created a maintenance company to maintain and operate its properties so our team has the comprehensive range of expertise required to provide professional support for our property and project management activities.

Indotek Lízing Zrt. is a private company limited by shares. It is separate from the Indotek Group in terms of risk, providing financial leases for real estate assets only to companies and other legal entities registered in Hungary.

Reconcept Befektetési és Tanácsadó Kft. has engaged in corporate finance and business reorganisations since 2010. Uniquely in Hungary it helps to find efficient long-term solutions to resolve the complex financial problems of distressed businesses.

Property investments

Property investments

Asset management

Our asset management team ensures that the properties managed by the Group increase in value and that its investments achieve the highest possible return. We identify the highest and best use of each project, repositioning properties in the market if necessary.

Property management

The staff of the Property Management Department coordinate and carry out the work involved in operating, letting and selling the diverse range of properties comprising our portfolio. Our principal operational tasks are to liaise with existing tenants, to coordinate any maintenance- and operation-related work required by them and to optimise operating costs and carry out regular technical checks, all of which significantly contribute to increasing the value of our portfolio. Letting or selling the properties in our portfolio is an important part of our activities. Thanks to the broad range of our buildings and locations we can cater for widely different needs, ranging from small offices to warehouses, production halls and even shopping centres in more and more locations in Hungary.

Technical coordination and project management

Our company has successfully implemented a number of development projects and acquired a wide range of relevant experience from tendering to implementation and to delivery. Project processes are overseen and supported by entities within the Group. Our development references include logistics parks and new-build condominiums. We carry out projects related to maintenance, energy efficiency, aesthetics and other types of renovations and tenant fit-outs in our industrial, warehouse and office buildings.

Arranging financing

When required, we can also obtain bank financing for our projects. Our professional team includes experts in bank project financing, so the financial risks of projects are minimised, allowing our investors’ equity to work as efficiently as possible.



NPL management

NPL management


We have extensive experience in valuing both individual claims and loan portfolios; in terms of volume we have purchased more of such assets from banks than any other market player. We have the legal expertise essential for taking over and enforcing payment of loans, and we also have the business experience and the contacts enabling us to maximise returns, with or without the cooperation of the parties concerned.




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